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Geogio was founded in year of 2009, its endeavored to provide the most innovative technologies and applications to the field of climate control. In the past decades, the first innovated products brought to the markets is tent package air conditioner under “TENTAIR” brand. It gains great reputations among customers in the markets which it focused, such as Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. “Tentair” brand becomes the No. 1 brand among all Chinese Exporters in its specified tent cooling equipments and solutions.

In year of 2019, at the moments of its 10 years anniversary, Geogio decided to expand its business to more wider fields such as “Cooling”, “Heating” and “Drying” under reserved brand name “GEOGIO”. Since then, Geogio set off on its way of comprehensive and fast development. As innovation is one of the most valued company cultures, Geogio in the future will focus on the high end DC Inverter technologies, Heat Pump technologies, and bring most innovative products and solutions to the field of “Tent cooling”, “Commercial cooling”, “Swimming pool heating”, “Heat pump dehumidifying” and “Heat pump drying”.



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Innovation sets us apart

GEOGIO focuses on cutting-edge heat pump technology, DC inverter technology, EVI low-environment technology, and R32 new refrigerant. This makes us different from other Chinese manufacturers.

We are constantly working on technology development, bringing the latest technology as standard on all our heat pumps.Our own professional development team gives us full control over customization and functionality. Heat pump products can be customized for you.




Manufacturing centres

The GIOGEO manufacturing centre has 2 production sites (8 production lines in total, including 1 automatic line) and monitors all production lines through the MES system to improve efficiency. As one of the largest manufacturers of heat pumps in China, our daily production capacity can reach 1000 units.

Market Strategy

GEOGIO works primarily with customers on an OEM/ODM basis. In addition, in order to meet increasingly complex and demanding markets, we can tailor solutions for swimming pool heating, house heating/cooling and hot water applications for our partners in the high-end market.

Technical Strength

GEOGIO has a strong technical force of more than 150 people and the power of a modern technology research and development centre, which has been granted 200 patents covering a wide range of fields such as ultra-low temperature EVI, defrost and inverter technology.

Social Responsibility

Our mission is to keep our employees with us, to achieve our customers' success and to fulfil our social responsibility. Our vision is to create a better everyday life. Our values are passionate innovation, collaboration and sharing, integrity and professionalism.



Geogio Heat Pump Products Are Applied In Variety Of Industries, Swimming Pool & Spa, Indoor Farming & Grow Room, Food Drying & Dehydration And Low Energy Buildings.industrial Solutions We Provide

Swimming Pool & Spa

Swimming pool heat pumps use heat energy in the air to heat swimming pool water, which is more energy-saving than traditional heating methods such as electricity and gas.

Household coolingheating

Our heat pump air conditioners use advanced heat pump technology for efficient cooling and heating capabilities. Consistently provides a comfortable indoor temperature even in extreme weather conditions.

A/C and water temperature control

The temperature and humidity control system regulates the work of the heat pump and controls the temperature adjustment speed and temperature of the heat pump to ensure comfortable temperature, energy saving and safety.

Indoor Farming & Greenhouse

Heat pump equipment can regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse by providing heating and cooling functions to provide a suitable growing environment for plants. Especially in the cold season, heat pump equipment can keep the temperature in the greenhouse stable and avoid freezing damage to plants.



GEOGIO strictly carries out internation quality control standard in order to ensure quality products,which successively passed lSO9001,FDA,BSCI,Intertek, etc.





If you have a product idea and design, GOEGIE can realise it and modify it for mass production.



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