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Q:Who we are?

A: manufacturer and exporter, Who is concerned to design, develop, and produce lighting, has been making contribution of mitigating golbal warming and creating brght life to everyone.

Can you produce according to the samples or provide customized service?

A: Yes, we can produce according to the samples you provide, and we can also provide you with personalized customization services.

If you already have specific clothing samples and want us to produce them according to these samples, we can provide you with the corresponding service. You can send samples to us, our team will conduct detailed analysis and evaluation, and communicate with you to confirm the details, size, fabric, color and other information of the samples to ensure the production of products that meet your requirements.

In addition, if you want to customize a special clothing style, we can also provide customized services according to your needs. You can provide us with your design artwork, sketches or instructions, and our team of designers will work with you to ensure that your ideas are transformed into actual products. We can provide fabric selection, style design, size measurement and other services to meet your individual needs.

Whether it is sample production or customized service, we are committed to creating high-quality clothing products through exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality materials to meet customer needs and expectations.

Q:Which kinds of certification you have?

A:Export Qualification: We have obtained export rights and can legally export goods from China. This is an important certification for us as a foreign trade company.
Quality certification: We cooperate with reliable suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that the products we provide meet domestic and international quality standards. This may include ISO certification, quality management system certification, etc.

Inspection and certification: We will ensure that the exported clothing products meet the quality and safety requirements of the destination country, and may pass the certification of relevant inspection and quarantine agencies, such as CE certification, SGS, etc.

Q: How about your delivery time?

A:Our delivery times are usually determined based on several factors:

Order Quantity: The larger the order quantity, the more time it usually takes to produce and prepare the goods. We will reasonably arrange the production time according to the size and complexity of the order to ensure the accuracy of the delivery time.

Customized requirements: If your customized requirements are complex or require specific materials, special processes, etc., it may affect the delivery time. We will communicate with you in detail after the order is confirmed to ensure that all customization requirements can be met on time.

Seasonal factors: Customer needs are different in different seasons, and some busy seasons may result in slightly longer production and delivery times. We will provide accurate delivery time when order is received, and do our best to ensure on-time delivery.

Q:What’s your term of delivery?

A:Sample order: usually takes 5-7 working days for production and delivery.
Small batch orders: The lead time is about 10-15 working days.
High Volume Orders: Delivery deadlines will vary based on the size and complexity of individual orders. We will negotiate with you to determine the specific delivery date after the order is confirmed.

Q:What is your terms of payment?


Packaging: We will package custom garments and accessories in a manner suitable to protect the shipment. This may include using things like plastic bags, foam padding and cardboard boxes.

Packaging Materials: We will ensure that the packaging materials used will not damage or deform the garment. We choose high-quality materials to ensure the safety of custom garments during transportation.

Packaging protection measures: We will add appropriate padding or protection to the packaging to prevent the garment from being crushed or damaged during transportation.

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If you have a product idea and design, GOEGIE can realise it and modify it for mass production.



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