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Air conditioners maintain set temperature by cooling when room temperature rises above the set temperature and heating when the room temperature falls below the set temperature. Motor speed in non-inverter type air conditioners remains constant and temperature is adjusted by turning the motor ON and OFF, which consumes more energy. In inverter type air conditioners, temperature is adjusted by changing motor speed without turning the motor ON and OFF.

The below chart shows how conventional non-inverter type and inverter type works. Compared to non-inverter type air conditioners, air conditioners with inverters have less power loss and can save in energy.


1.) Lower operating costs

Since inverter motors will only use as much energy as they need for your desired temperature settings, you can expect to see huge savings on your energy bills when you switch to an inverter-based air conditioner.  You can save up to 58% on your energy consumption, compared to when you use a traditional air conditioner.  Considering that air conditioners tend to be the most power-hungry appliances in most households, these savings may very well cover your initial investment in just a few years.

2.) Faster start up time

An inverter AC will generally reach a desired thermostat temperature faster than a non-inverter equivalent. An inverter will be able to use much more power for the initial phase, then progressively diminish it as it gets close to the needed temperature. This will be much slower for a non-inverter AC, as their motors’ stop-start cycles necessitate a less precise operation.  They will tend to make the room colder than the target temperature for a short time before shutting down, restarting when the room becomes warmer than the target temperature.

3.) Quieter operation

If you’re used to the noise of a regular air conditioner in your home or office, the reduced noise of an inverter air conditioning unit can be a pleasant surprise.  Many users report that they sometimes forget the unit is there. As the motor only works as hard as it needs to, there is less of a need to keep it running at full capacity, thereby reducing the amount of running noise.

Regular air conditioners also have a characteristic thud when they start up and when they reach the desired thermostat temperature, an unavoidable consequence of having a static motor speed. An inverter unit’s compressor motor can speed up and slow down much more smoothly.

4.) Better comfort

The biggest reason to getting an inverter boils down to user comfort. The quieter operation and precise temperature control make them perfect for getting a good night’s sleep and preventing untimely distractions in the office. The enormous energy savings and the reduced impact on the environment can also quell some of the guilt and mental stress many of us have over running what was traditionally a very power-hungry appliance.



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